interior features

Step into the luxurious interior of the Nautilus submarine and discover a world of modern sophistication and comfort.

Interior features

"Your vision, our craft"

From the spacious lounge areas to the private guest cabins, the interior provides a one-of-a-kind underwater experience. With large windows offering stunning views of the marine environment, the Nautilus interior is the perfect blend of form and function, combining state-of-the-art technology with elegant design. Whether you’re relaxing in the forward observation lounge or enjoying a meal in the saloon, the Nautilus interior will exceed your expectations and transport you to a world of underwater luxury.


The saloon on the Nautilus is the central hub of the vessel, where guests can gather and socialize in style. With its spacious and open design, the saloon provides a comfortable and inviting atmosphere for guests to relax, entertain, and enjoy the journey. The room features plush seating, elegant decor, and a fully-stocked bar where guests can enjoy a drink or two. The saloon is also equipped with state-of-the-art technology, including a large flat-screen TV and surround sound system, perfect for watching movies or sports. With its central location and luxurious amenities, the saloon is the ideal place to unwind and make lasting memories on the Nautilus.


The bar on the Nautilus is a place where guests can come together to enjoy a drink and socialize. With its elegant decor and comfortable seating, the bar is the perfect spot to unwind after a day of exploring. The bartenders are expert mixologists, able to create a wide variety of classic and contemporary cocktails to suit every taste. Whether you’re looking for a refreshing mojito on a hot summer day or a warming brandy on a cold winter night, the bar has something for everyone. In addition to the extensive drink menu, the bar also features a small selection of light bites, making it a great place to grab a quick snack or appetizer. Overall, the bar on the Nautilus is a welcoming and inviting space that encourages guests to relax and enjoy each other’s company.

Observation Lounge

The Mezzanine Observation Lounge on the Nautilus is truly a breathtaking experience. This exclusive space offers panoramic views of the surrounding waters, providing guests with a front row seat to the natural beauty of the ocean. Comfortable seating make this the perfect spot to relax and take in the sights. Additionally, the mezzanine level location provides a unique perspective on the surrounding waters, offering a different vantage point than the traditional deck level. Whether you’re looking to unwind after a day of adventure or simply want to take in the beauty of the ocean, the Mezzanine Observation Lounge is the ultimate destination.


The staterooms aboard the Nautilus are designed to provide exceptional space for guests. The beds are placed directly in front of the window, offering a beautiful view of the underwater world outside. Each room features a work desk with a designer chair, a designer rug covering the entire floor, a wardrobe, and a lounge mattress on the window structure. The guest bathrooms are carefully placed in between the windows, providing exceptional headroom and comfort with a stand-up shower. Guests will feel right at home in these comfortable and luxurious quarters, making their underwater experience truly unforgettable.

Master Cabin

The master cabin of the Nautilus is a luxurious and spacious retreat, designed to provide the ultimate comfort and relaxation for its inhabitants. The cabin features a unique parametric wall design that turns into a seating area on both sides, with darker colors and smoother shapes to create the feeling of being deeper under water. The half-main window is also used to create a lower structure underneath the bed that features LED displays, providing an unbounded and dynamic feel to the room. The master cabin also boasts its own bathroom with a bathtub and walk-in wardrobe, directly accessible from inside the cabin for ultimate convenience. The color scheme of the master cabin is darker, to create a sense of seclusion and privacy. The room is carefully designed to provide a unique and comfortable experience, ensuring that guests feel at home in the depths of the ocean.

Elevator and hallway

The Nautilus is designed with functionality and luxury in mind, and this is evident in the lift and hallway areas. The elevator provides a smooth and efficient journey between decks, and features a round LED display on the floor that gives the impression of being at the bottom of the ocean. The staircase offers a sleek and modern look while maintaining structural integrity.

The hallway, with its high ceilings and ample space, is designed to offer a sense of grandeur and luxury. The walls are adorned with parametric panels that provide an organic and warm environment, while the floor is made of a semi-reflective, smooth material. The hallway also offers easy access to the guest cabins, which feature large windows and comfortable furnishings for a truly luxurious experience.


The gym aboard the Nautilus is a compact space. Despite its small size, it is equipped with a range of fitness equipment including a treadmill, stationary bike, and a selection of weights for resistance training. Guests can maintain their fitness routine while enjoying the luxury of the Nautilus.

"Your vision, our craft"

Our approach to submarine design is based on individuality and personal style. At the heart of our philosophy is the belief that our customers’ tastes, habits, and preferences should shape the design of their vessel. To achieve this, we work with renowned international designers who specialize in translating our clients’ style and personality into bespoke interior design projects. Their expertise and vision help us create tailored, optimal solutions that reflect our customers’ unique lifestyles and aspirations.